GENEFIT, the First-Ever Fitness Technology to Integrate Personal Genetics with Wearable Tracker Data, Launches to the Public

GENEFIT, the First-Ever Fitness Technology to Integrate Personal Genetics with Wearable Tracker Data, Launches to the Public

The sports-tech innovator powered by 3X4 Genetics debuts with gene-tailored injury and recovery insights for endurance runners, with other sports on the horizon for 2024

SEATTLE, Dec. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- GENEFIT (GENEs First Integrated Technologies), powered by 3X4 Genetics, announces today the public-facing launch of its revolutionary, patented modifier technology that integrates genetic data with training data from wearable devices to give personalized, gene-informed sports performance metrics and goal-based training plans. In an industry dominated by stats and metrics, there has never before been a way to tap into genetics to target specific strengths and weaknesses in a training plan. By combining genetic pathway analysis, advanced exercise physiology and artificial intelligence, GENEFIT makes fitness data truly personalized to the individual.

"Research shows that genetics play a large, and in many cases dominant, role in an individual's ability to recover, their risk of injury, and which type of training they best respond to," says Tony Hsu, Chairman & CEO, 3X4 Genetics. "With GENEFIT, we've finally found a way to quantify this integral part of an individual's sports performance and integrate it seamlessly into daily training regimens. It truly is the future of sports."

A first in the health & fitness space, GENEFIT alerts users when they are at risk of an injury. This feature, which measures both muscle health and connective tissue health, allows athletes to know, and not guess, their risk for overuse injury on any given day. GENEFIT gives a simple yet comprehensive breakdown of an athlete's genetic strengths and weaknesses across six categories of athletic performance: training, recovery, injury risk, body composition, energy levels, and nutrition. Combined with wearable tracker data such as that from Garmin devices, GENEFIT shows specific areas of focus along with recommendations for improvement and daily Steps to Success (short, targeted nutrition and lifestyle recommendations) to boost recovery and tissue health. These small genetic switches have the potential to unlock big leaps in performance.

GENEFIT offers both freemium and premium subscriptions and works with Garmin on both Apple and Android devices, or any wearable heart rate & GPS-enabled fitness tracker that connects to Apple Health. By downloading the GENEFIT app, ordering and taking a genetic test, and linking a tracker complete with workout history, an athlete's performance metrics are calculated and displayed in an easy-to-interpret green-orange-red traffic light system. The platform permanently houses the athlete's baseline genetic results, how well they are tracking toward their fitness goals, and whether they are at risk for an injury so they can push their body the way it's meant to.

The 3X4 product team, led by Harvard-trained geneticist Dr. Gerrida Uys, PhD, and engineering team, led by Mariette Conning, MEng, intentionally designed GENEFIT to have standardized, user-friendly outputs to make the complex science of genetic pathway analysis and physiology accessible and practical. Both world-class triathletes, Uys and Conning recognized that every athlete has unique strengths and weaknesses that take years to identify and develop.

"We all know that the differences we observe in athletes, those not explained by data and performance metrics, comes down to genetics," says Dr. Uys. "GENEFIT transforms generic big data into genetic-based, hyper-personalized data that can be the difference between winning and losing in competitive sports."

Downloading and using the GENEFIT app without genetics testing is free, and users can still monitor injury risk, assess training load, and analyze workouts using statistical norms and AI. For athletes looking to integrate their genetics, initial testing is $199, and the subscription for personalized injury monitoring, goal-based training plans, and daily nutrition and recovery recommendations is $14.99/month (or $119/year).

GENEFIT also offers enterprise solutions for elite sports organizations, providing practical performance insights for coaching staff and athletes alike. GENEFIT is currently an official partner of the 2022 MLS Cup Champions, the Los Angeles Football Club.

GENEFIT is the future of sports. Powered by 3X4 Genetics, GENEFIT's patented modifier technology is the first product to integrate genetics with athletes' wearable tracker data to provide the most personalized fitness experience across six categories of athletic performance: training, recovery, injury risk, body composition, energy levels and nutrition. Using easy-to-interpret scores and feedback, GENEFIT makes complex science both accessible and practical, allowing users to train smarter and see results. GENEFIT is based in Seattle, WA. For more information, please visit

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