The world’s first app providing daily, gene-informed performance scores, instant feedback, and proactive injury risk alerts.

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Get Instant Feedback On Each Workout

Record, save, and sync any activity on your device to get a Session Score. Your score shows how effective your workout was for improving your current fitness.
 Follow the suggested session feedback and recovery recommendations to improve your consistency and fitness. 

Subscribe to GENEFIT GOLD for gene-informed session scores and feedback tailored to your genetics.

Get Alerted When You're At Risk Of An Injury

This allows athletes for the first time to know, and not guess, their injury risk at any given day.

Get alerted when your Muscle or Connective Tissue score drops below 25, indicating a heightened risk of injury. 

These scores are calculated using your genetic makeup, injury history, and data from your synced wearable device.

Your Goals, Your Genetics, Your Path

GENEFIT gives you a simple yet comprehensive breakdown of your genetic strengths and weaknesses across 19 pathways grouped into 6 categories of athletic performance:

  • Training
  • Recovery
  • Injury risk
  • Body composition
  • Energy levels
  • Nutrition

It shows your areas of focus, together with recommendations for improvement and what to expect. Small genetic switches may lead to big differences in performance.

Optimize Every Workout

Detailed evaluations of your training sessions that integrate your wearable tracker data with your genetic results to help you understand what works best for your body and training program, ensuring that each session brings you one step closer to your peak performance.


Training programs are generated using your genetics, current fitness levels, wearable training data, and your personal goals.


Learn from every workout and ensure you are getting the maximum output from every training session.


Fitness is critical to reaching your goals faster, track your session performance over time and ensure you get the most out of every session.

What Athletes Think About GENEFIT


"I recently started to train again coming from a long period of inactivity. I was amazed how my injury risk scores and load status correlated with how my body felt each day."


Los Angeles, CA


"The session score for me was the standout. No other app I have used before gave me a score and feedback afterwards. For the first time in my life I’m sticking to what the program says, because I now know and see how it impacts my data. It is also very addictive!"


Boulder, CO


"Everything is connected. Training more will lead to improved fitness, but can also lead to injury if not managed well. The app made me realize once again that following a plan is key, which includes doing the right sessions, eating the right food, and recovering the right way for your body."


Cape Town, South Africa


"I think the app is superb. Love the UI and find it extremely valuable to be able to refer back to my results within the app.
Really love it. Going to keep exploring it in detail and will stay in touch"


New York, NY