GENEFIT Enterprise Privacy Policy

Your Privacy is important to GENEFIT. This Privacy Policy is intended to explain the ways in which we may collect, use, share and store your Personal Information, as well as ways you can access and manage your Personal Information.


In this document, unless the context indicates otherwise:

  1. GENEFIT” refers to CIPHER GENETICS, INC. (doing business as GENEFIT and doing business as 3X4 Genetics), primarily located at 3120 139th Avenue Southeast, Suite 500, Bellevue, WA 98005.
  2. GENEFIT”, “we”, “us”, “our” and similar terms refer to GENEFIT.
  3. You”, “Your”, “User”, “End User”, “Athlete”, “Customer”, "Coach", "Manager", “Client” and similar terms refers to every person that uses GENEFIT’s services.
  4. Terms of Service”, or “Terms” refers to this document.
  5. Third Party” refers to any service provider not directly employed by GENEFIT that we have selected to assist us in fulfilling our GENEFIT Services to You. Examples include the carrier and laboratory services we use.
  6. Website” refers to the websites at address, at address, and which are run by and owned by GENEFIT.
  7. GENEFIT Services”, “Services” refers to the range of offerings provided by GENEFIT through the GENEFIT application, GENEFIT Genetic Test, and Website. These offerings encompass but are not limited to the use, access, and interaction with the aforementioned digital platforms, and may include features such as content, information, tools, and any other resources made available by GENEFIT for the benefit of its users and customers. By utilizing these Services, You agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined in this document.
  8. GENEFIT App”, “GENEFIT Application”,  GENEFIT Enterprise App”, “GENEFIT Enterprise ApplicationApp”, and similar terms, refer to the mobile applications developed and offered by GENEFIT offering users tracking, measurements, and analyses of activity, fitness, injuries, tissue health, and adherence to recommendations and training plans. For users who complete a GENEFIT Genetic Test, the app provides insights into their genetic profile and may customize services accordingly. By installing, accessing, or using the GENEFIT App, You agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of these terms of service.
  9. GENEFIT Account”, “GENEFIT Login”, “GENEFIT Email Address and Password”, “User Account”, and similar terms, refers to a personal and secure digital identity established by an individual user on GENEFIT's platform. It consists of a unique Username and a Password chosen by the user during the registration process. The Username serves as the user's identifier within the system, while the Password is a confidential combination of characters known only to the user, used for authentication and access control. This account grants the user authorized access to various services, features, and functionalities provided by GENEFIT, and it is the user's responsibility to safeguard and manage their account credentials to ensure the security and integrity of their Personal Information and interactions within the platform.
  10. “GENEFIT Genetic Test”, “GENEFIT DNA Test”, and similar terms, denote the specific service offered by GENEFIT which entails GENEFIT supplying You with a GENEFIT DNA Swab Kit, processing your genetic material at a certified laboratory, and providing relevant insights into your genes when You use the GENEFIT Application.
  11. GENEFIT DNA Swab Kit”, “GENEFIT DNA Sample Collection Kit”, “3X4 DNA Swab Kit”, “3X4 DNA Sample Collection Kit”, “DNA Sample Kit”, or similar terms, refer to the cheek cell sample collection kit that is supplied to You by 3X4 Genetics when You order a GENEFIT Genetic Test. A kit includes an oral swab and sample collection vial and contains instructions on how You can get started with registering your unique kit code and how to ship your cheek cell sample to our laboratory.
  12. “Your Sample”, “Your Cheek Cell Sample”, “Your Swab”, “Your Completed DNA Sample”, “Your Completed Cheek Cell Sample”, “Your Extracted Sample”, “Your Genetic Sample”, or similar terms, refers to your cheek cell sample that You have completed using the DNA Sample Kit, as well as the DNA that was extracted from your cheek cells at our laboratory.
  13. Personal Information” refers to information about an identifiable individual, including, but not limited to, information relating to gender, sex, age, language, health, fitness, education level, address, contact number, personal opinions, views, or preferences. Here are some examples of Personal Information:
    1. Personal Information includes your “Genetic Information”, which is information extracted from your DNA sample, whether taken from a cheek swab or saliva sample, in the form of genotypic data (for example, the As, Cs, Gs and Ts in a certain region of your genome). “Raw Genetic Data” refers to a text file containing all the available Genetic Information that was obtained from Your Sample by our laboratory.
    2. Personal Information includes your “Wearable Data”, which refers to data supplied to GENEFIT from your connected wearable device including, but not limited to, activity, heart rate, distance covered, and other physiological or behavioral data monitored by the wearable device.
    3. Personal Information includes your “Health Information” including, but not limited to, your injury information, physical and mental health, well-being, disability, illness, medical history, and bio-metric information.
  14. GENEFIT Content”, “GENEFIT Intellectual Property”, or “GENEFIT Property” refers to the content we create and other property of ours. This includes, but is not limited to, our websites, applications, software, products, services, communications, in any capacity, embodied in, displayed, or provided directly or indirectly including but not limited to, trade names, domain names, material, logos, trademarks service marks, any other distinctive brand feature, graphics, images, photographs, design, software, algorithms, information, text, design, functionality, inventions, patents, sounds, music, videos, concepts, templates, documents, methodologies, standard operating procedures or any other materials, as accessed by You.
  15. User Content” refers to any information, data, health information, wearable information, injury information, audio, photographs, or other materials, that You have created or submitted to GENEFIT, posted onto GENEFIT online platforms, or sent to GENEFIT via email or text message, whether privately or publicly.
  16. Feedback” refers to any comments, suggestions, input, or communications shared by users or individuals regarding the Services, as well as the information and services offered through these Services. It encompasses user-generated content or insights that provide valuable information, ideas, or perspectives to GENEFIT for the improvement, development, and enhancement of its offerings.


  1. This Privacy Policy applies to you if you are visiting our website, use GENEFIT’s Services, including the GENEFIT application and order for a GENEFIT genetic test.
  2. GENEFIT takes privacy seriously and considers your Personal Information strictly confidential, other than as specified in this Privacy Policy.
  3. We do not sell your Personal Information to any Third Party.
  4. This Privacy Policy may be updated on occasion and so we encourage you to review this policy periodically. If there is anything in this policy you do not agree with, you can choose not to use our Services or terminate any existing Services by deleting your account.
  5. This Privacy Policy does not apply to Third Party products or services, or other entities you may encounter when using our Services.
  6. We take reasonable measures to protect your Personal Information against unauthorized use, alteration, loss, or corruption.
  7. You can take precautions that help to protect your information such as reporting any suspicious activity or unauthorized access to your account, choosing a strong password for your GENEFIT account, and not sharing it with anyone, and employing appropriate measure to keep your devices secure.
  8. If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, please email, or send us a letter at GENEFIT Enterprise c/o 3X4 Genetics, 3120 139th Avenue Southeast, Suite 500, Bellevue, WA 98005, United States.

Information GENEFIT May Collect

  1. GENEFIT collects and uses your Personal Information in various ways, which identify you directly or indirectly. It is our primary goal to protect your Personal Information and only collect information that is necessary to provide our Services and to support, improve and develop our products and our business. Here are some examples.
    1. Basic Account Information
      1. To be able to contact you when necessary, such as when we respond to your support requests, we collect basic account information such as your name, contact number, and email address.
      2. When you create an account with us, we will collect your username and password so you can log in securely to your account. The password that you enter is encrypted and cannot be accessed by any 3X4 staff.
    2. Activity, Use, Genetic and Health Information
      1. Activity, use and health information are collected from you so we can provide you with our primary Services, such as to provide you with tracking, measurements and analyses of your activity, fitness, injuries, tissue health, adherence to recommendations and training plans, and, if you complete a GENEFIT Genetic Test, to provide you with insights into your genes and how they may impact on your training, and to customize our Services according to your genes.
      2. You are provided with an opportunity to give your explicit consent for GENEFIT to collect and process your health, activity and use information.
      3. Health information such as heart rate, cadence, power, as well as age, weight and height and other measures may be collected and/or inferred.
      4. Wearable data is collected from any wearable devices you choose to connect to GENEFIT.
      5. Your injury history and injury information are collected when you submit this information to us.
      6. If you complete a GENEFIT Genetic Test, we obtain Genetic Information via an analysis of your DNA. Your DNA is extracted from a cheek cell sample that you provide to us using a GENEFIT DNA Swab Kit provided by 3X4 Genetics, a division of GENEFIT. Your Sample Information (including your unique kit code) is collected when you register your kit on our Website. You are provided with an opportunity to give your explicit consent for 3X4 Genetics to obtain and process your Genetic Information before you register your kit. We use your Genetic Information to provide you with insights into your genes and how they impact on your health and training. We will not use your Genetic Information for personalized or targeted marketing and/or advertising.
    3. Location Information
      1. GENEFIT’s primary Services require permission to track your device location to be able to provide you with Services.
      2. We will only track your device location when using our Services.
      3. You can adjust your device settings at any time to revoke permission to track your device location. This will affect our ability to provide our primary Services to You.
    4. Purchase and Payment Information
      1. Payment information, such as your credit card details, are collected when you make payment on GENEFIT. We use reputable Third-Party payment service providers to ensure all transactions are secure and are utilizing applicable encryption technology.
      2. We do not store your card details.
      3. We keep a record of your purchases and subscriptions to provide you with the appropriate Services.
    5. Technical, Browser & Device Information
      1. When you access or use our services, we collect technical information from your mobile, tablet or computer devices. This includes cookies, logs, analytics, device, and network information. Examples of this type of information include your device type, IP address, number of clicks, links that referred you to us, search engine keywords, time spent on pages, links you clicked on within GENEFIT, and the dates and times of these events.
      2. Refer to our Cookie Policy for more information on how GENEFIT uses cookies.
      3. This information may be de-identified and included in aggregated information so we can analyze browsing behavior and trends, as well as general demographic information. De-identified information refers to information that does not contain any identifying data (like name and email address) in order to ensure no individual person’s identity can reasonably be identified.
      4. We may use this information for administration and/or security purposes.
      5. We may link an IP address to individual sessions, devices and/or athletes.
    6. Other Information
      1. We may collect other information from you, either directly or via a third-party service provider, for example when you fill in one of our surveys or contact forms, when you enter our competition, or when you engage with us on our social media platforms. This can be for various appropriate reasons such as being able to contact you if you win a competition or we need to respond to a support request.
    7. Other Use of Information
      1. We may include your de-identified information in aggregated information that is used to enhance and develop our products, services, and research, publication, and marketing efforts. De-identified information refers to information that does not contain any identifying data (like name and email address) in order to ensure no individual person’s identity can reasonably be identified.
      2. Your information may be used by staff members to resolve technical or task-related issues, only when necessary. Our employees understand the importance of your right to privacy and sign confidentiality agreements when they are contracted to work for 3X4.
      3. We may use your information to provide you with targeted advertising, and/or to provide you with promotions that may be relevant to you, subject to your email notification preferences.

Information GENEFIT May Share

  1. GENEFIT takes privacy seriously and takes care when choosing what to share and how to share your Personal Information when it could identify you. We also may share your de-identified information in aggregate information when appropriate, in an effort to improve and develop our products and business. De-identified information refers to information that does not contain any identifying data (like name and email address) in order to ensure no individual person’s identity can reasonably be identified. Below are some of the ways we may share your information.
  2. GENEFIT does not sell Personal Information for monetary value.
  3. We may share your Personal Information with third parties when it is necessary to complete a relevant task or function related to our Services. For example, we will share your shipping address and contact number with our carrier to be able to supply you with a DNA Sample Kit, when you order a GENEFIT Genetic Test. We share the minimum Personal Information necessary for the purposes of the relevant task or function.
  4. With respect to any of your Genetic Information: No third party including your employer shall have any means to identify your Genetic Information. You hereby consent to the use of your Genetic Information by GENEFIT for the Services. Your Genetic Information may be shared with third parties, provided that it is de-identified, and retained for a period of up to six months. You hereby consent to such sharing and retention. If you are a California resident, you have the right to file a complaint under Section 56.182(c) of the California Civil Code if you feel your rights to secure data use, access, security, and retention have been violated.
  5. We may share your information with third parties when they are acting on our behalf, such as when we use third parties to secure, improve, develop, promote and support our Services, and/or when we use third parties to collect your information for the purposes of promoting GENEFIT, and/or when using third parties to provide you with information that may be relevant to you on other websites or services.
  6. If GENEFIT is involved in a reorganization, dissolution, acquisition, or other similar transaction, we may transfer or share your information in connection with this transaction.
  7. If we ascertain that sharing information with third parties (such as law enforcement, private litigants, and/or public or government agencies) is necessary to comply with the law, or is allowed by law, we may share or retain your information when responding to warrants, subpoenas, court orders, or other regulatory or legal processes.
  8. If we ascertain it is reasonably necessary, we may retain or share your information with third parties within or outside your country of residence, such as legal counsel and other consultants, to prevent and/or detect fraud, abuse or violations of our Terms of Service, to protect our business functions, our property or other legal rights, to prevent any person from serious bodily injury or death, and/or to assist in issues relating to national security.

Managing Your Information and Communication Preferences

  1. You are responsible for providing us with accurate information, when necessary, for example:
    1. You are responsible for providing us with a valid and current email address to ensure you receive any necessary communications from us.
    2. When completing a GENEFIT Genetic Test, you are responsible for accurately entering the unique kit code displayed on the label of your DNA Swab Kit sample collection vial when you register your kit on our website. You are also responsible for and registering your kit when logged into the same account you use for your GENEFIT application.
    3. You are responsible for promptly informing us of any changes to your Personal Information which may affect our Services.
  2. Communication Preferences
    1. If you opt in to receive our marketing-related communications, you may unsubscribe by following the instructions provided in the communication.
    2. Certain transactional communications we send may not include a facility to unsubscribe because they are necessary for us to provide our Services. This includes emails that confirm your order, and that provide shipping and kit registration information.
  3. Accessing and Deleting Your Data
    1. You may request a copy of your data, including your Raw Genetic Data.
    2. You may delete your account by emailing us at
      1. Deleting your account cannot be reversed. Your activity data, injury data, and if you have completed a GENEFIT Genetic Test, your Genetic Data, will not be retrievable after it has been deleted.
      2. We will notify you once we have completed deleting your information.
      3. It may take up to 45 days to delete your account and your information.
      4. We may retain a record of your deletion request when required or by law.
    3. Children’s Privacy
      1. Individuals under the age of 18 should not use our Services or provide Personal Information to GENEFIT. Please do not use our services if you are under the age of 18.

Storing, Securing and Retaining Your Information

  1. GENEFIT has safeguards in place to prevent unauthorized access to your Personal Information. This includes technical measures such as storing your Genetic Information on a separate server to your Basic Account Information and administrative measures such as conducting regular reviews of our policies and practices.
    1. Your Personal Information may be stored on servers outside of the United States, where the privacy legislation may not be the same as in the United States.
    2. When purchasing a GENEFIT Genetic Test and completing your cheek swab, GENEFIT uses the following safeguards:
      1. Your Genetic Sample is stored in a small vial labelled with your unique kit code to ensure it cannot be identified personally to you while in transit or by the laboratory.
      2. After the lab has extracted the DNA from your cheek cells, your extracted Genetic Sample is stored securely by the laboratory for 6 months and then destroyed automatically.
      3. Your kit code, Basic Account Information, Genetic Information, and other Personal Information are stored securely on GENEFIT’s encrypted Amazon Cloud-based servers accessible only to a minimal number of authorized GENEFIT personnel.
      4. Your Genetic Information is stored on a separate server from the server storing Your identifiable Personal Information so that Your Genetic Information cannot be used to personally identify you.
  2. Your DNA sample may be processed, transported to, and/or transferred to a different country from where You reside, for the purposes of providing our Services.

Limitation of Liability

  1. We are not liable for any loss or damage suffered by you as a result of your disclosure of your information to any Third Party, and/or if your device was used to access your Personal Information without your authorization.
  2. We cannot guarantee or accept liability whatsoever for any unauthorized or unlawful access to our records of your Personal Information, unless as a result of our gross negligence.