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GENEFIT works with any Garmin or Apple Health device with heart rate and GPS functionality.

Unlock The Power Of Your Genes

$199 Lifetime

Order your genetic test and collect your DNA sample by simply swabbing the inside of your cheek.

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Put Your Genetics To Work

$14.99/mo or $119/yr

Subscribe to GENEFIT Gold and unlock genetically informed health & fitness scores, daily recovery actions, and training plans.

Your Unique Path to Peak Fitness

Your genetic analysis shows how you best respond to training and recovery.

Choose your preferred rest day, starting week, and log any existing injuries.

A training program is generated using your genetics, current fitness levels, wearable training data, and your selected goal.

Record your daily workout with your GENEFIT connected wearable device.

View your session details once your workout is completed and uploaded from your wearable.

The session score shows how well you executed your workout, based on your fitness levels, and prescribed intensity and duration.

Hitting multiple green session scores over time will result in a high consistency.

A high consistency is the fastest way to peak fitness. Track your short and long term fitness progress on your Performance tab.