Science That Pioneers

In the age of artificial intelligence, genetics is the only source that makes data personal to YOU.

Much like our intricate genetic code, each person’s response to training is unique. GENEFIT's pioneering modifier technology combines genetic pathway analysis, advanced exercise physiology, and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to craft a personalized training experience like no other. Our scientific approach is continuously refined and propelled forward by our accomplished team of sports scientists, geneticists, nutritionists, and engineers.



As leading experts in the field of genetics, we know that understanding your genetic makeup is the key to your competitive edge.

Our research, comparing the genetic profiles of 131 elite athletes and 201 everyday individuals, underscored the pivotal role of genetics in athletic performance and affirmed the validity of our genetic pathways.

Our proprietary Darwin Pathway Analysis methodology considers the collective impact of multiple genes on crucial performance categories and employs machine learning to classify genetic strengths and weaknesses.


The Ability To See Injuries

VISIONARY, our cutting-edge intelligent agent, builds upon the work of pioneers in the field of AI. Continually refined by our scientists and engineers, VISIONARY is aligned with the latest advancements and best practices in the ever-evolving fields of sports genetics, injury physiology, and AI. With each new data point added to our constantly expanding dataset, VISIONARY’s accuracy grows. 

VISIONARY was developed and validated using data from 229 athletes, including their:

VISIONARY analyzes thousands of data points, and outputs a daily color-coded score, alerting athletes before they get injured.

For 75% of injuries, the Red zone effectively alerted athletes ahead of time. The Green and Yellow zones, indicating healthy and moderately overloaded tissue, demonstrated an accuracy of 90%.