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Pinpoints Where To Direct Your Efforts.

Your genetic code stays constant from birth. The expression of your genes, however, changes throughout your life. Gene expression (switching genes on or off) are influenced by the actions you take through training, nutrition, recovery, and more.

Small genetic switches may lead to big differences in sports performance.

Visual representation of individual's VO2 max response to exercise
Visual representation of training impacting VO2 max response in GENEFIT app

Easily access your genetic recommendations and gene results for each pathway with just a tap.

When you opt for the GENEFIT Genetics Test, you unlock a comprehensive analysis of 19 genetic pathways across 6 essential performance categories:

Understanding Your GENEFIT Dashboard

Your All In One Information Hub

The GENEFIT Dashboard shows you all the important information you need at a glance.

Am I At Risk For An Injury?

Our injury alerts show a warning indication based on your Tissue Health scores for both Muscle and Connective Tissue.

Scores closer to 100 indicate excellent adaptation and resilience to injury. Scores below 25 indicate caution and increased risk for sustaining an overuse injury.

Am I Training Enough?

OPTIMAL indicates that your training load is challenging enough to elicit a good increase in fitness, while allowing sufficient recovery in between.

OVER indicates that your training load may be too high for your body to optimally recover, which may lead to an increased risk for illness or injury.

UNDER indicates that your training load may be too little to result in any increase in fitness, and may lead to a decrease in overall fitness.

Am I Getting Fitter?

The Fitness score tracks how your fitness is improving over time and is directly related to the consistency of your training. Use this score and trend arrow to determine the effectiveness of your training.

GENEFIT's Steps to Success and personalized training programs provide daily, genetics-based recommendations, harnessing your wearable data to optimize your performance.

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